JULY 26-27, 2024

The Security Operations Center (SOC) Practitioners Summit is a dedicated platform for SOC professionals to connect, foster the exchange of ideas, and collectively explore opportunities for mutual learning.

In a landscape characterized by the constant emergence of new threats, our industry must remain committed to the ongoing pursuit of best practices in designing, implementing, and operating SOCs. The central goal of this conference is precisely that—to challenge the existing norms, infuse innovation, and generate fresh perspectives in order to effectively address the evolving challenges of our field.

Here are the primary areas of focus that should be integral to a comprehensive SOC conference:

  1. Planning, Designing, and Constructing a Modern SOC: Strategies for creating cutting-edge security operation centers.
  2. SOC in the Cloud and SOC as a Service: Insights into cloud-based and service-oriented SOC solutions.
  3. Meaningful Performance Metrics for SOC: Metrics that provide valuable insights into SOC performance.
  4. SOC Staff Well-being and Stress Management: Addressing the health and productivity of SOC personnel.
  5. Artificial Intelligence in SOC: Leveraging AI for enhanced security operations.
  6. SOC for IoT, OT, Autonomous Vehicles, and Emerging Industry Needs: Adapting SOC practices to new technological frontiers.
  7. Impact of Cloud, Containers, and Serverless Computing on SOC: Managing security in evolving IT environments.
  8. Threat Visualization and Threat Intelligence: Techniques for visualizing threats and leveraging threat intelligence effectively.
  9. Cooperative SOC Solutions for Vertical Markets: Collaboration models tailored to specific industries.
  10. Automation in SOC: Harnessing automation to improve SOC efficiency.
  11. Open Source SOC Tools: Exploring open-source solutions for security operations.
  12. Incident Response and Digital Forensics: Strategies for rapid response and forensic investigations.
  13. Business Case Development, Planning, Implementation, and Cost Management: Navigating the financial aspects of SOC.
  14. Emerging SOC Technologies: Keeping pace with new technologies shaping security.
  15. Global SOC Challenges, Privacy Laws, Data Sharing Across Borders: Addressing cross-border data security and regulatory challenges.
  16. Integrations, APIs, and Ticketing Systems: Enhancing SOC capabilities through integrations.
  17. SOC Knowledge Management: Effective strategies for managing and sharing SOC knowledge.

Summit Location

The event will be live online to accommodate the global audience.  Future events may be in person.

Call For Presentations (CFP) Now Open

At the Summit, we prioritize authenticity and genuine expertise. We welcome presentations exclusively from SOC practitioners who bring invaluable real-world experience to our audience. Our aim is to foster meaningful discussions driven by those actively engaged in the field, rather than professional speakers who frequent conferences.

Share Your Proposal Through Our CFP Page.

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